NARAL Pro-Choice Washington announces early endorsement of Pro-Choice champion Senator Patty Kuderer

April 18, 2018

Tiffany Hankins, 206-737-9366
Patty Kuderer, 206-910-2422

BELLEVUE – NARAL Pro-Choice Washington, the leading grassroots pro-choice advocacy organization in Washington State, announced today its sole endorsement of Senator Patty Kuderer in the race for Senate in the 48th legislative district. Kuderer is being challenged by Rodney Tom and Michelle Darnell for her seat. Tom previously held the seat as a Democrat, though left the Democratic caucus in 2013 to join Republicans and install himself as Majority Leader. He declined to run for re-election in 2014.

“Senator Kuderer has been an unwavering champion on reproductive health and rights in Olympia. From fighting for access to birth control and working to end discrimination in the workplace for pregnant women, Senator Kuderer has proven time and time again that she stands with women,” stated Executive Director Tiffany Hankins.

The Vice Chair of the Senate Healthcare Committee, Senator Kuderer has been a strong advocate on a variety of reproductive rights legislation, including the Reproductive Parity Act, a bill requiring insurance carriers who cover maternity care to also cover abortion care. The RPA had stalled in the Republican-controlled Senate since Tom’s defection to the Republican caucus. It passed this session with under the new Democratic majority.

“I am honored to earn this early endorsement from NARAL Pro-Choice Washington. As a mother, attorney, and Senator, I know that the ability to choose when, with whom, and how many children to have is tantamount to women’s most fundamental freedoms. I am proud to stand with women every single day and look forward to continuing to bring their voices with me to Olympia,” said Kuderer.

Kuderer received an ‘A’ on NARAL Pro-Choice Washington’s 2017 legislative scorecard, one of only eight Senators to earn top marks.